Greeting Cards
Birthday Card
posted: March 1, 2010
Birthday Art for the wife's celebration of one more year where she wishes she lived in tht tropics.
Birthday Art for the wife's celebration of one more year where she wishes she lived in the tropics.
Drawings Accepted to the Society of Illustrators
posted: March 4, 2009
Editor's Note: I screwed up the original post about these drawings accepted into the SI Annual Show.

Big Wish
posted: October 20, 2008
For me, licensing illustration is a nice complement to commissioned illustration. Instead of a visual solution to another's editorial view or advertising angle, i get to think up new ways to wish one Happy Birthday. In our turbulent times, it is a relief to focus on less serious issues for a few days! Happy Birthday to anyone who has one today...
Silk Screened Greeting Cards
posted: August 23, 2007
Get Well
Two recent greeting cards for Great Arrow Greeting Cards. The design challenge is to limit the color to five, flat silk screened colors. The actual cards are a pleasure to look at as the colors have a richness that offset printing can't get close to. Also, the cards have wonderful  'print shop' smell that I think I am getting addicted to.
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New Job
Merry Chanukah
posted: December 15, 2006
Mixed religion households present a unique challange for greeting cards at this time of year.
Fall Migration
posted: November 8, 2006
How birds migrate is still a mystery. Do they navigate thousands of miles by orienting themselves by the sun and stars? Do they detect and follow the longitudinal lines of earth's magnetic fields? Or do they google Mapquest?
Monkey Love
posted: October 20, 2006
Ooh Ooh I love U
I haven't seen a monkey around here in a while, so here you go. I heard from one of my Greeting Card companies that this monkey is swinging off the shelf. Monkeys rule!