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IPA/GAG Lawsuit Update
posted: April 28, 2009
As a reminder to the illustration community, the Graphic Artist Guild (GAG) is still persuing its lawsuit against fellow artists of the Illustrators Partnership of America (IPA). Dan Vasconcellos and I launched a petition asking GAG to stop this action. Many of you signed this petition (tyvm!) and the number of illustrators signing has topped at 699. There is still time to support our friends at the IPA and sign the petition. The illustrators being sued are spending vast amounts of money and time building their defenses. Your support would brighten their day.
To read and sign:http://stopsuitpetition.blogspot.com/
For further information about the status of the suit:
Click on 'Index Search'
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - Case Search'
enter Case Index Number: 109149/2008
click Find Case(s) button (or hit RETURN)
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - Case Search Results'
click on the highlighted 'Index Number'
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - Case Details'
scroll down and click on "Show eFiled Documents'
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - eFiled Documents Detail'
click highlighted files under 'Documents' to view...
To receive updates on the Case sign up for eTrack at: http://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivil/etrackLogin
Petition to Support Fellow Artists
posted: November 19, 2008

Stop the Suit Petition is a link to a non-partisan petition by artists requesting  
that the Graphic Artists Guild withdraw its lawsuit against the IPA and our fellow illustrators  
Brad Holland, Cynthia Turner, Ken Dubrowski, and copyright lawyer Bruce Leyman and Terry Brown.

I urge all to go sign the petition to respectfully communicate to the Guild that suing artists 
is not a way for an artists' advocacy organization
to solve our industry problems.
Teach Your Children Well
posted: September 12, 2007

I went to the opening of Ken Burns’ World War Two documentary called “The War” the other night in Waterbury Connecticut. My father and uncle are in some episodes and we got to see a preview of the fourteen hour series. Burns stated that there were two compelling reasons to get the documentary finished. One was the fact that one thousand WW2 veterans are dying everyday. Their stories are our national histories and heritage. The other reason was a statistic that frightened Burns. A sizable percentage of graduating high school seniors think that the US was allied with Germany to fight against the Russians. The teaching of history is being trashed at the risk of unimaginable consequences. Talk to your Fathers and Grandfathers. Ask them about their experiences. Get their stories so that their knowledge can live on. And teach your children well.

My uncle Raymond Leopold is in about four of the episodes. At 92 he did not forget one thing he experienced those many years ago. Unfortunately he died just last month but thank God Burn’s recorded his incredibly interesting and valuable story for history and for the rest of us.

The Scream
posted: November 20, 2006
Photoshop makes complicated compositions a walk in the pixel park. I only hope Adobe stops 'improving' and upgrading it to ruination.
posted: October 6, 2006
Somebody said drawing cows is hard. Drawing cows is not hard; getting on the cover of the New Yorker is hard.
Interesting New Yorker Story
posted: September 15, 2006
I got this link through Drawn. John Mavroudis' NYker Cover story. http://www.zenpop.com/