Recent Commissions
Ask Magazine Cover
posted: February 23, 2010
sketch 1
Sketch 2
Sketch 3
Been the laziest of Drawger bloggers! Time to wake up and post. A cover I did for Ask Magazine.
Vacation with the Washington Post
posted: July 20, 2009
We all know the best way to guarantee new work is to plan a vacation. Sure enough the day before leaving I get a call from Lisa Schreiber at the Washington Post with a new assignment. The beauty about technology these days is that saying ‘Yes’ is much easier than it used to be. Along with my sketchbooks and favorite pens and pencils, I loaded my portable Epson CX84OO printer/scanner and laptop computer loaded with Photoshop and  wireless access. A couple of rounds of sketches later I produced this cover for the Weekend magazine: an article about DVD movie rentals. Gotta love vacations!
First Round
First Round
I received more info about the article that it was more house and home based movie viewing than summer viewing.
Milken Review
posted: September 13, 2008
Joannah Ralston of Insight Design commissioned me for a full pager and two spots for Milken Review. The job was in glorious black and white. I love the challenge of a limited palette assignment; it focuses my design chops.

The article is about the state of upward mobility in the USA. The myth is that if you work hard and are the best you will raise your economic status. The reality is that social class, education, and current economic realities are causing fewer and fewer opportunities for the underclass to improve their status.  

Final Drawing
Sketch A
Sketch B
Sketch C
Sketch D
Sketch E
Spot 1
Spot 2
Client Collaboration
posted: August 27, 2007
Sketch A
Mary Beth Cadwell from Strorage Magazine is a new client for me. She sent me her layout in a PDF and I found this very useful for developing sketches relating to the article. In addition to the text, I had a graphic environment in mind that contributed to the ultimate solution for the illustration.
Sketch B
Sketch C
Sketch D
The Final
Breaking in a New Look
posted: June 6, 2007

I received my first assignment from Governing Magazine through the Illoz website. The assignment dealt with judicial restraints in the  sub-prime mortgage business. Concurrently, I was playing around with a new drawing approach in my sketchbook. After I got approval for the idea, I completed two finals and left it up to the AD to choose

Which one would you choose?

A Communication Drawing
posted: May 4, 2007
Communication concepts are a common subject in our illustration profession. The trick is to try to discover yet another way to design a visual solution that is unique, or at least unique enough to call it one's own.
Making Sales (mis)Management Fun
posted: March 5, 2007
One of our jobs as illustrators is to keep everyday concepts fresh and interesting. Nowhere is this skill needed more than in business publications. How many ways can you conceptualize and draw Profit and Loss; Buy Low Sell High; Financial Goals? Fortunately for us, infinitely many.
This drawing is for 'The Hazards of Sales Mismanagement' for Profit Magazine.
Google Gig
posted: March 1, 2007
The first sketches

One of the joys of this business is the variety and range of gigs that come to you out of nowhere. The other month I get a call from a guy in Chicago who said he googled ‘illustrator’ and my name came up (no thanks to my web placement efforts).  He owned a trucking company and told me an idea he had while driving to work. He wanted a logo to show a truck smashing through walls, demonstrating speed of delivery to his customers. My first reaction was to be leery of a cold contact who may no nothing of illustration or how we work. However, he sounded cool over the phone and gave me a web address to check out his company. I come to find out he is also a professional sports photographer and this relieved me since I felt he knew something about our business. I told him my price and a request for 50% at the end of the sketch phase which he readily agreed to and I was off to the sketch house. He chose one which I refined and I received my check in two days (love this guy!). I refined the refined sketch into the final, delivered it via the illoz ‘workspace’, and have a piece that is not my usual fare but had a great experience producing. I love this business.

The 'refined' sketch (I never like to do tight sketches)
The Final