No UFOs, night sky, or alcohol. Just Spring.
posted: April 12, 2007
Another Beginning
Spring in the northeast is barely making a comeback. The few crocuses that popped their heads up are getting really pissed off. Speaking of crocuses, they inspired this sketchbook drawing.
Peace Visualization
posted: December 12, 2006
One of the most important finds in Boston is a parking space. I picture in my mind's eye an empty space before I make a trip. I don't remember when I started this silly little gesture but I do know that I almost always find a spot where and when I need one. I always like to impress my freinds with this wierd ability. I once found a space in front of the old Boston Garden ten minutes before game time! I now have my wife doing it and one busy friday night in congested Harvard Square, we came upon TWO spaces, right next to each other. Well annyway, Hal Mayforth was with me one day and we were going into Harvard Square. I told him exactly where we were going to park and sure enough, there it was. He turned to me and said, "You should visualize world peace!" Which I do everytime I look for a parking space.
Old Drawing Still Relevant
posted: December 7, 2006
A drawing I did in the eighties observing contrasting types of shopping and shoppers. The concept still makes sense unfortunately.
Holiday Card Time
posted: November 30, 2006
The 2007 Holiday season is upon us. Time to search for new images to replace old cliches. Rather challenging and fun. This image is last years holiday greeting from my wife and me. Of course, any and all messages of peace, love, etc. will be commercially exploited by the mad marketers at 100% rag.
Halloween Clean-up
posted: October 31, 2006
This Halloween will soon be gone With blood and guts across the lawn. Its time to grab the poisoned darts And rake up all the body parts. Then to shovel dark gloomy pits And throw in all the monster bits. Scrape and clean gooey stuff that clings And bag them with the ugly things. And now to rest and take a snooze To await the horrors of tomorrow’s news.
Season of the Witch
posted: October 26, 2006
Instant Spell, for today's busy Soccer Witch. Don't have time to shop for a newt"s eye? Are your spiders from Mars hibernating? Monsters on vacation? Instant Spell is the solution for you! One flick of the wrist and your worst nightmares become someone elses! Operators are standing by.
posted: April 24, 2006
Last week the weather was so fine, I could not stay inside (having no deadlines i.e. work) also helped get me out. I have been meaning to dig a new garden bed in the front yard for a long time. It is under a large city Norway maple; an invasive shade tree with very intense shallow root systems. Therefor my new bed will be a shade bed of various forms of Hosta, Holly and Mountain Laurel.
Built about 1895.
I will follow-up as I finish this project.