ABCs of AL
posted: March 3, 2010
My first children's book. Ok, so sue me, I am late to the party....
Adam McCauley March 3, 2010
Really nice, Richard. My favorite is "R", but they're all great and work perfectly as a whole. Best of luck with this.
Yuko March 3, 2010
SOOO simple and sweet!
David Flaherty March 3, 2010
Great. Now nobody has to buy it! ; ) goodluck with it RAG.
Kyle March 3, 2010
Hal Mayforth March 3, 2010
I, for one, would like to be Al's puppy pal. Nice job Rich.
Mark Fisher March 3, 2010
Some real nice scenes,the black and white line against the color is smashing and the lettering super. Good sales to Al.
Carl Wiens March 3, 2010
Really great, RAG, nicely designed type too.
Walter Vasconcelos March 3, 2010
Very cool! Congrats for your first children's book Rag.
Jim Paillot March 3, 2010
"U is for Underpants..." This book is so sweet. And the design is superb.
Brian Stauffer March 4, 2010
Fantastic. R is the bomb.
rag March 4, 2010
Thanks all for you great comments.
Robert Saunders March 4, 2010
Way to go, Rich!
Wacksman March 5, 2010
RAG, that's just as charming as hell! Beautiful design, adorable character - it's got it all. I really REALLY love the images where AL shares the page with just b/w line drawing: E, J and especially V.
Nancy Stahl March 5, 2010
Ha, ha..! It's GREAT..! The fibers and feathers and all are a terrific touch. Now, enough of this fun, get back to Scrabble, young man..!
Heather T. March 7, 2010
This is absolutely adorable... =) I want to get it for my nephew!
Lisa March 7, 2010
This is awesome. Do you have a publisher for it?
brad March 9, 2010
simply brilliant.
naama March 15, 2010
rag, it's amazing! I love it!!! March 16, 2010
Sam December 29, 2010
A real winner Rag! Best of luck with this and all your future work.