Ask Magazine Cover
posted: February 23, 2010
sketch 1...
Sketch 2...
Sketch 3...
Been the laziest of Drawger bloggers! Time to wake up and post. A cover I did for Ask Magazine.
Nancy Stahl February 23, 2010
Well, the moon is made of green cheese. Green cheese and steak?
Leo Espinosa February 23, 2010
diggin' the milky way, Rich!
Walter Vasconcelos February 24, 2010
Very cool! Great textures Richard!
Robert Saunders February 24, 2010
Very moo-ving solutions.
Mark Fisher February 24, 2010
Good to see you posting, keep it up Ragman.
Zina February 28, 2010
Great to see your work on Drawger again: I really like the textures and expressions. Very fun cover.