Happy Birthday Dad
posted: August 29, 2006
On July 25, 2004 my father celebrated his 85th and Time commissioned me to draw this cover. Unfortunately, the cover was never run because Dick Cheney shot his own foot while giving a speech at the Oil for Peace celebration in Houston. Instead, Time ran a Tim Obrien illustration of Cheney’s Penny Loafers with a bullet hole through the “penny slot” (which Obrien cleverly replaced with a peace sign). I am happy to say that Dad has just celebrated his 87th. He rejected my New Yorker Cover parody. Sheesh.
Robert Saunders August 29, 2006
Never met your Dad, Rich, though I have of course met your Mom. If he helped raise you he's obviously a 24-carat Goldberg.
Bob Staake August 29, 2006
terrific piece, ricardo!
Edel Rodriguez August 29, 2006
Very nice commemorative cover. I'm sure your dad dug it. Looks like a great guy.