Latest NFPA Spot
posted: August 24, 2006
Article about proper placement of smoke detectors in college dormatories.
Rob Dunlavey August 24, 2006
Hi Rich, There's some swell stuff going on in this spot (it's a spot right?). I like the cloud shape coming out of the ear, the neutral grittiness of the background, even the face is not standard RAG issue --just a bit more unique. I'm sure some of us (not me!) would have had to tamper with the dorm smoke detectors just to get through the day!
Elwood H. Smith August 24, 2006
Great design, textures and colors--this illo has it all! -E
Bob Staake August 24, 2006
terrific piece, richard. ironically, 'really hard stuff' was the name of my 70s punk band.