Dirty Joke Nudity
posted: August 16, 2006
In response to Leo's battle to show more skin, I thought I would post a drawing I did for a Dirty Joke book. When I started this project, I feared that I would be censored but was pleased to find that I was allowed to show whatever the text dictated. Thanks Heather at Peter Pauper!
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Robert Saunders August 16, 2006
"Your client must be Japanese." Reminds me of the scene in "Lost in Translation" where the call girl shows up at Bill Murray's door saying "Lip me, lip me! You must LIP ME!" Okay so that has nothing to do with the illustration above. Lucky you, Rich, to be able to illustrate a dirty joke book in the first place. Many (men) would yearn for such an assignment where we're required to accentuate the carnal in our drawings—I do it in my mind all the time (like Jimmy Carter who lusted in his heart). Oh, what I could have done with this job...