Vacation with the Washington Post
posted: July 20, 2009
We all know the best way to guarantee new work is to plan a vacation. Sure enough the day before leaving I get a call from Lisa Schreiber at the Washington Post with a new assignment. The beauty about technology these days is that saying ‘Yes’ is much easier than it used to be. Along with my sketchbooks and favorite pens and pencils, I loaded my portable Epson CX84OO printer/scanner and laptop computer loaded with Photoshop and  wireless access. A couple of rounds of sketches later I produced this cover for the Weekend magazine: an article about DVD movie rentals. Gotta love vacations!
First Round
First Round...
I received more info about the article that it was more house and home based movie viewing than summer viewing....
Zina Saunders July 20, 2009
Great cover! I hope you had a chance to vacate a little on your vacation in addition to doing this terrific piece (I love the windows butting up against the sides of the house).
Kyle T. Webster July 20, 2009
Great idea(s), Richard. ADs usually ask me to avoid dark colors (in large areas) when it's a newsprint job - in fact, I did one for the Post a couple of weeks ago and the AD asked if she could brighten the colors in Photoshop before going to print. Do you know how this artwork looked on the printed page? Did it hold up?
Alan Witschonke July 20, 2009
Nice piece, RAG. It has a cozy ambiance. Love the square window panes echoing the cels on the filmstrip.
Robert Saunders July 20, 2009
Good one, buddy!
Mark Fisher July 20, 2009
How come when you start a job no one calls with a vacation? Good one Rag!
J.D. King July 21, 2009
Nice one RAGman!
John Dykes July 21, 2009
Vacation inspiration!