On the Subject Of: Should I?
posted: August 4, 2006
BIG Science...
With Bob's and Edel's recent posts about self-editing one's work, I remembered wondering the same thing about a promo piece that I did as a contribution to an artists' group I am a member of, "BIG" (Boston Illustration Group). My piece is BIG Science and I showed the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Was it too much for ADs? I guess, as it did not bring in any work but I am glad I did it. I had fun.
Aaron Leighton August 4, 2006
Great piece, Richard - love your stinky, soggy twist on the four elements...
Jim Paillot August 4, 2006
Terrific art. I'm thinking you have been to a Paillot family reunion. Those images can't be just a coincidence. Great characters as always, Richard. --Jim
Edel Rodriguez August 4, 2006
yeah, hmmm.... must admit, you got guts. Maybe we should talk before your next promo! In general, rule of thumb, no bodily functions on promos. I've started a collection of "interesting" promos. When I have some goodies I'll put 'em up.