IPA/GAG Lawsuit Update
posted: April 28, 2009
As a reminder to the illustration community, the Graphic Artist Guild (GAG) is still persuing its lawsuit against fellow artists of the Illustrators Partnership of America (IPA). Dan Vasconcellos and I launched a petition asking GAG to stop this action. Many of you signed this petition (tyvm!) and the number of illustrators signing has topped at 699. There is still time to support our friends at the IPA and sign the petition. The illustrators being sued are spending vast amounts of money and time building their defenses. Your support would brighten their day.

To read and sign:

For further information about the status of the suit:
Click on 'Index Search'
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - Case Search'
enter Case Index Number: 109149/2008
click Find Case(s) button (or hit RETURN)
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - Case Search Results'
click on the highlighted 'Index Number'
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - Case Details'
scroll down and click on "Show eFiled Documents'
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - eFiled Documents Detail'
click highlighted files under 'Documents' to view...
To receive updates on the Case sign up for eTrack at:
Gary Taxali April 28, 2009
Thanks for the update, Rich. I hope the list of names continues to grow.
Robert Saunders April 28, 2009
Ditto, thanks Rich. I had hoped this lawsuit would not still be going on draining our colleagues' bank accounts. To read the "VII. Conclusion" on the last page of the Interim Order (no. 20 at the end of the list of documents) is scary... and to imagine if you were one of those being sued.
Robert Saunders April 29, 2009
It's up to 702 this morning.
Graham McArthur April 29, 2009
This law suit is beyond belief. I hope that the support for our colleagues continues to grow.