Drawings Accepted to the Society of Illustrators
posted: March 4, 2009
Editor's Note: I screwed up the original post about these drawings accepted into the SI Annual Show.


Marc March 4, 2009
Congrats, Rich. I particularly like the boids!
Steve Wacksman March 4, 2009
It's a true testament to your skill that you can communicate so much with such simple shapes. These are beautiful, RAG. They remind me very much of the work of Ed Emberly, who was one of my first artist heroes.
Richard A Goldberg March 4, 2009
Thanks Drawger buddies. Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday night.
John Dykes March 4, 2009
Is that lion drawing up his next meal???? Way to go, Richard!
Brian Stauffer March 4, 2009
All the drawgers are entertaining my kids today. They thought these were hilarious.
rag March 4, 2009
Happy to amuse. Anytime Brian.
Carl Wiens March 4, 2009
Great stuff, RAG, have a blast Friday, wish I could make it. Way to go!
rag March 4, 2009
Thanks Carl! Keep warm up there.
James Steinberg March 4, 2009
Nice work, Richard! Kudos, and have fun at SI!
Mike Moran March 4, 2009
Hey congrats! Very nice.
rag March 4, 2009
Thanks J and M.
Christoph Hitz March 4, 2009
Flipping the green bird? I want a one on one explanation over a beer ....see ya Friday.
Cathleen Toelke March 4, 2009
Congratulations on this duo, Rich!
Mark Fisher March 4, 2009
Real nice and real good Rich.
rag March 4, 2009
CH: It will take more than one beer! CT: Merci Merci. MF: Real thanks!
laura tallardy March 5, 2009
congrats richard!!! love the birdies- KICK! my nest now.
Jim Paillot March 6, 2009
Man, those are nice.
Selina Maitreya March 6, 2009
love the birds congrats darlin enjoy!!!!