National Fire Prevention Association
posted: July 13, 2006
David Yount is the woderful AD at this mag (NFPA Journal) and the challenge on each assignment is to take technical fire prevention subject matter into the realm of an interesting image. This image was for pleacement of smoke detectors.
Robert Saunders July 13, 2006
Strange, wonderful angle to this, Rich. Who but you...?
Rob Dunlavey July 13, 2006
I second RAG's opinions about Dave Yount. The guy enjoys working with illustrators and he's very personable. And he does really good design. NFPA Journal in Quincy, MA. Rich, you and Dave Yount probably have some good BBQ stories to share…!
Jim Paillot July 14, 2006
Dude, you nailed it. Primo job! Jim