Big Wish
posted: October 20, 2008
For me, licensing illustration is a nice complement to commissioned illustration. Instead of a visual solution to another's editorial view or advertising angle, i get to think up new ways to wish one Happy Birthday. In our turbulent times, it is a relief to focus on less serious issues for a few days!
Happy Birthday to anyone who has one today...
Bill Ross October 20, 2008
So, why not a donkey blowing out a candle? Seems pretty biased to me. Nice illustration though.
John Dykes October 20, 2008
100% good funny..... nice one RAG.
Nancy Stahl October 20, 2008
My local card shop could use some of that 100% rag stuff..! Are you making matching wrapping paper, too?
Randall Enos October 20, 2008
Yeah but wait a this a birthday card for Republicans?
Zina Saunders October 21, 2008
Looks great, Rich.Nice to see your work on Drawger, it's been too long.
Leo Espinosa October 23, 2008
Rich, don't think that just because you draw a BIG handsome elephant you can get away with a post every six months. No seņor!!!!