Last Fall's Cover Reject
posted: June 15, 2006
Fall Classic...
Autumn and baseball are significant calendar items so I thought I would merge the two.
Rob Dunlavey June 15, 2006
RAG: here are a few suggestions for this great concept. 1. Punch up the color: green grass and red/orange leaves. 2. less butt on the raker/slugger 3. Maybe the tree is more suggestive of a pitcher somehow? 4. add a few squirrels and suggest a few suburban dwellings and Voila! …you're a shoe-in! --robd
Jim Paillot June 16, 2006
Really clever, Richard. As a Royals fan I haven't had a lot to cheer about this year. Your artwork makes me feel much better. Thanks! Jim
Robert Saunders June 16, 2006
I disagree with Rob. Needs a little more booty on the batter.