Rejection, Rejection, where art thou Rejection?
posted: June 8, 2006
Drink please....
Steve Wacksman June 8, 2006
Great! Funny! And true- well, not that dogs drink out of toilets, but that a cat will go through a bottle of gin like a little four footed Foster Brooks! Anyhow, I hereby renounce the New Yorker and will cancel my subscription forthwith.
David Gothard June 8, 2006
This is a beautifully streamlined concept & execution. Are you sure they're opening your packages? How they cn pass on these is beyond me. DG
Richard A Goldberg June 8, 2006
Don't cancel your subsriptions yet! I want readership to be at an all time high because, one day, just one of these days...BAM ZOOM to the cover!
Nancy Stahl June 8, 2006
Why not publish "RAG Rejects"? Run an ad in the New Yorker and start the stampede.
David Bamundo June 8, 2006
dude: at the very least you have the makings of an excelllent coffee table book