posted: May 9, 2008


This year I will be exhibiting in two trade shows. Both shows are in New York and are only three weeks apart. Fortunately I only need to design one booth for both shows as both supply the same display system. At the Licensing O8 show I will be a near neighbor of Studio Espinosa! Hopefully the traffic goes by my booth first ;-)

The past year has seen steady growth of my licensing business. After six years of doing SURTEX, I am getting greater industry recognition and most important, a solid track record of strong sales to the general buying public (yes, they really love me!). The momentum is building. In addition to obtaining new customers,  I have decided to work with an excellent agent/product developer, Dan Cowherd. Dan brings many years experience in developing and managing the creative and business end of licensing. He will be an invaluable partner in furthering my licensing career.

Robert Saunders May 9, 2008
Hey Rich, these are looking great. Very lively and inspired. I talked to a graduating senior at Mass Art portfolio reviews the other day, and she knew your monkeys. Those monkeys got legs!
Leo Espinosa May 9, 2008
Break a leg! The Upside down Monkey, Inc.
laura t. May 9, 2008
looks great rag!! i can't even imagine the work you'd need to prep for this show... but looks like you nailed it :) good luck and i'll see you there!
Hal Mayforth May 9, 2008
Go, Rich, Go! The best of success for this year's shows. Them monkeys need some guns.
Bob Staake May 9, 2008
goldberg apparently didn't get the memo that said "the older you get, the lazier you're suppose to be". we should all be appalled by your ambition -- and i personally am breaking out in a sweat just LOOKING at this stuff! good luck, mensch!
Scott Bakal May 9, 2008
As usual, I will probably be making my annual rounds at Surtex/Licensing shows....I'll see youse over there!
Jeff Moores May 10, 2008
Rag- Good luck at the shows! Stuff looks great -- what a variety. Looks like you're monkeys are really branching out...he he! Watch out for Leo... as a neighbor at one of those trade shows, he blamed me for unplugging the electicity for our row of booths... OK, it was me... :^)
Cathleen Toelke May 10, 2008
Congrats, Rich. It's great to see your licensing business grow each year. Good luck with this years shows.
John Dykes May 10, 2008
Rich - Wow... Your new work/exhibit is tremendous! Love the monkeys... the new color palettes.... THAT FROG! Heres to this year's shows being the best yet... Congrats!
Linzie Hunter May 12, 2008
Good Luck with the shows -- I can't believe how quickly time flies... has it really been a year since the last one??
robin zingone May 14, 2008
Richard...its that time of year again...hope you have your sea legs...see you this weekend!