March in/March reject
posted: February 29, 2008
FM told me that a similar idea was being worked on. Oh well, I march on. The drawing was created a couple of months ago but is still if not more relevant with the continued slide of the dollar. Baaa.
Cathleen Toelke February 29, 2008
The $ situation is embarrassing for our country...and I like your cover because the sheep looks ashamed!
laura l. February 29, 2008
Keep at it RAG! I like it, but I wonder if the New Yorker has ever used photographic collage on their covers? My guess is not (though I don't know for a fact). I'd stick with your pure, graphic, illustrative look and lines - they have much more impact I think, and are so nice to look at. Just my 2 rubles.
Kyle T. Webster February 29, 2008
Richard, after browsing through all your great cover submissions, I have completely lost all interest in bothering to submit anything to Francoise Mouly. I just don't know what she wants, if not what you have produced: well designed, clever and graphically unique art. Don't get me wrong - I usually like the covers that are selected / directed, but I rarely think they are any better than what you are doing. I'll throw a party in your honor down here in NC when you get a cover accepted. I'm not kidding.
rag March 1, 2008
I appreciate the support and kindness from you all out there. There are some days when I feel that I should redirect my New Yorker efforts into ventures that have more positive outcomes. But then I realize that I don't see these rejections as negatives; rather as two distinct gravitational bodies of wants and needs that have diverse orbits and that someday, the trajectories will be aligned for capture if not an outright collision.
David Ramshaw March 1, 2008
dude give up. she's just not into you. walk away while you still have one ball.
Christoph Hitz March 2, 2008
Rag, Another fabulous attempt, I admire your persistency.
Carson Daveys March 2, 2008
If this stink ever appeared on a NY'er cover I'd cancel my subscription. No offense, RAG.
John Dykes March 4, 2008
Never stop, RAG! Keep the concepts coming. I'm sure we'd all be surprised at the high number of other artist's concepts that do not make it to print - especially from some of the regular contributors. And we will rarely, if ever, see those readily displayed and put up for discussion. (although there is a NYer rejected cartoons book out there... not sure if that includes covers). It takes strong character to post these - and bring to light one of the more difficult aspects of this career we're in. It is incredibly competitive. And the unintended consequences of working on these... might not be right for NYer at this time - but you are developing a nice series that might blossom into something else...