posted: February 11, 2008

I am collaborating with a group of talented artists to produce animation for commissioned work in the advertising, publishing, manufacturing, and educational industries. Under the moniker of RAGanimation, we offer full service animation with original writing, design, music, and sound capabilities. It is a fun thing to be involved in. The problem solving process is similar to illustration starting with sketches, refining through comments and critiques and continuing through tweaking the final product.

 The storyboards here are from our first promotion. Our first concept stuck with us: Animation Magic. It was then a matter of back and forth “How’s this?” until we all agreed on a specific story. At that time, my writer Robin Brecker finalized the script. I drew the characters and settings directly in FLASH. The characters are designed to make the animation motions as easy as possible (per strict instructions of my animator Alex Budofsky!). Stephen Coates develops the music soundtrack with the script and it is then handed off to the animator. Jason Votner finishes off with sound effects. Our geographical spread is from London to Seattle. God bless the web for effective collaborating!

David Goldin February 11, 2008
Dear RAGanimation, we think your promo animation is killuh! We'd like to consider you for a huge job. It's SO BIG that we'd like to see more samples. Could you put together something for the David Goldin Studio ? If we like it we'll push the client to go all the way and that will be big bucks. If not, we'll send you a T-shirt and put you on our X-mas mailing list. regards, the goldin studio staff
Rob Dunlavey February 11, 2008
I'm jealous Rich! Goldin go to you first! Nice work.
RAGboss February 11, 2008
Dear Mr. Goldin: Please send me the t-shirt right away! It's freakin cold here. Do you have a Hanukahmas list? The Management
Leo Espinosa February 11, 2008
The second round has a great balance of info and kwell retro looking art + style. Three might be stronger with concept but I'm just allergic to yellow bunnies... I take that back, I see a hot one with a bikini
rag February 11, 2008
Rob for you the first 197 frames are for free!
rag February 11, 2008
leo: one rabbit stew coming right up!
Bob Staake February 11, 2008
definitely rag-o-riffic! good luck with these, pal!
Hal Mayforth February 12, 2008
Great work Rich. It's always interesting to view process. For some reason, however, I now have the urge to go out and buy something.
Christoph Hitz February 12, 2008
RAG, I dig your promo. Witty and to the point, I hope this creates additional magic in your valet.