Our Brother Writers
posted: November 19, 2007
Christoph Hitz November 19, 2007
Rag, Harlan's speech is on the money! In addition, I noticed his hands, you can see clearly he speaks from the heart.
robert hunt November 19, 2007
I agree with every word. Right on!
Dale Stephanos November 19, 2007
A f-in' MEN!
Bob Staake November 19, 2007
rag: bravo to harlan for saying it, double bravo to you for posting it. we've all been in this situation -- 2 years later some administrative assistant straight out of community college calls for "approval" to use something you did previously. i've been in this game long enough to know what "approval" means; GRATIS. i've gone on similar rants, but found it best to use the 7-11 analogy. when someone expects to use my stuff for free, i ask them if the've ever paid for a microwave burrito at 7-11. like everyone else in north america, they have, so i tell them "good. then next time you get hungry, walk into a 7-11, pop a burrito in the microwave, wait for the ding, then walk out of the store eating it -- and don't pay". you see, they've already PAID for a microwave burrito in the past, so this allows them unlimited (gratis) microwave burritos until the day their die -- or at least until their stomach explodes. amazing how a simple analogy suddenly makes someone "get" it. again, thanks for posting this. bs
Alex Murawski November 19, 2007
Absolutely right on... dynamite interview. Why is this so hard for people to get? I love his bit about selling your soul and amatuers ruining it for pros. How often have we all been in conversations with some "artist" who says that getting paid for work you've done as a commission for a client makes you a whore? My response is that giving away your work, your spirit, for nothing makes you a whore... getting paid makes you a professional. And I would rather be a thousand dollar a night call girl than a whore anytime.... mertaphorically speaking of course.
Adam McCauley November 19, 2007
Thanks for that, Richard! This should be played at every art school before they graduate. Behind the writers 110%.
Mark Fisher November 20, 2007
I want a dose of him every day! Thanks Rag, gotta watch them all.