New Yorkerless
posted: October 24, 2007
Beach Reclamation...
The streak continues.
Dale Stephanos October 24, 2007
Dang! I thought you had hit one out of the park. Any idea how far in advance they plan covers? Say you submitted a Thanksgiving-ish theme. When would you do that? I'm not jumping in the pool here, just curious.
rag October 24, 2007
Dale: For the most part I plan these in advance of the seasonal or occasional topic. This one was a late summer idea done in August but I figure that if FM likes it, it wouldn't matter when I submitted it.
Roger Harris October 24, 2007
Nice! When does it hit the stands?
Mark Fisher October 24, 2007
Rich, A fine addition to the bunch. Persistence in the face of adversity builds strength, character and the need for more flat files. Never give up!
Christoph Hitz October 24, 2007
Rag, You're doing it with style!
Dale Stephanos October 24, 2007
I can't believe they haven't used these. They will eventually.
Tim O\'Brien October 24, 2007
Their loss
laura levine October 24, 2007
I like your spunk, kiddo! It's inspiring.
Josh McKible October 24, 2007
Man, that one is sweet. Feh, what do they know.
Nancy Stahl October 25, 2007
At least we all get to enjoy these now.
Robert Saunders October 25, 2007
Great concept, Rich. Where you get 'em I don't know.
Nate Williams October 25, 2007
cool concept
Jim Paillot October 25, 2007
Those guys need to wise up. Their loss, Richard.
Alan Witschonke October 26, 2007
Keep truckin', man. You'll get there.
Bob Staake December 6, 2007
HOW did i miss this one? your commitment and tenaciousness serves you well, buddy, and with every new image, you grow. LOVE the grainy texture on the sand -- a.m.cassandre and his spattering toothbrush would approve! i agree with mark here -- "never give up!"