SURTEX booth final design
posted: May 9, 2006
Left Wall...
Drawgers: I am looking for someone in the NY region to help me on Sunday the 21st to assist me in the booth. It will be from 9 to 6 and I always find it cool to meet both the attendees and the other booth people. The inimitable Hal Mayforth will be my able assistant on Monday and Tuesday.
Right Wall...
Rob Dunlavey May 9, 2006
Rich, I'll stop in on Tuesday noon-ish. Sorry I can't be there Sunday and help out with the inquisitive hordes: "Back! Down! "Can't you see, the artist is already busy with another customer!"
David Bamundo May 9, 2006
wish I could help sunday but I've got 2 family functions - maybe I'll see you there mon or Tues - ut I forgot to pre-resister - whoops!
Bob Staake May 9, 2006
man, what i would GIVE to be in the city and just descend on your booth wearing nothing but a hollowed out boar's head -- just to mess with you and hal. good luck, ricardo! (tennis when you get back)