Client Collaboration
posted: August 27, 2007
Sketch A...
Mary Beth Cadwell from Strorage Magazine is a new client for me. She sent me her layout in a PDF and I found this very useful for developing sketches relating to the article. In addition to the text, I had a graphic environment in mind that contributed to the ultimate solution for the illustration.
Sketch B...
Sketch C...
Sketch D...
The Final...
J.D. King August 27, 2007
You're sketches are groovy finishes!
Leo Espinosa August 27, 2007
Right, getting the layout is always very helpful. I liked the contrast of the black and white sketches and I wish you would've kept some of that in the final. The tree in your sketch holds the page together really nicely.
Bob Staake August 27, 2007
i'm with leo. the high contract and shape of the tree in the sketch is just perfect - nothing could improve it! the only other thing i would have played around with here would have been creating a IOOIOOOIIIOIIOIIIOIIIOIOIO type pattern that could be worked into the leaves of the tree -- might have been a way to add a little bit of digital dimension to the piece. terrific job, rag.
Christoph Hitz August 27, 2007
Rag, I like how You repeat the shape of the broken branch to illustrate a the triple redundancy backup. The water sketch is a great way to inspire the Art Director to brake up the page. Nicely done.
Larry Ross August 27, 2007
Leo and Bob are right about the contrast and the strong black imagery, but my experience is that most art directors and editors feel that a color illustration should be all color. I don't think it's always right but it tends to be the nature of the beast. Nice job, RAG!
Rob Dunlavey August 29, 2007
Keep doin' your thing Rich. Sketches and final are all slick. Mary Beth is a fine person to work for. Hi-tech magazines are not everyone's cup of tea but you excel at these conceptual pieces. Who says editorial's dead?!