Silk Screened Greeting Cards
posted: August 23, 2007
Get Well...
Two recent greeting cards for Great Arrow Greeting Cards. The design challenge is to limit the color to five, flat silk screened colors. The actual cards are a pleasure to look at as the colors have a richness that offset printing can't get close to. Also, the cards have wonderful  'print shop' smell that I think I am getting addicted to.
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New Job...
Hal Mayforth August 23, 2007
Love the bird with the band aid, Rich. Makes me want to get sick just so I can get one of these.
Christoph Hitz August 23, 2007
Rag, Silk screened cards, what a tread. The Great Arrow Greeting Cards site looks like a fine publishing site. I go with the birdie
Walter Vasconcelos August 23, 2007
The bird is very cool! 100% Rag :-)
Zina Saunders August 23, 2007
Terrific ideas and execution, Rich. I want to get each of your cards on the site. And I also love the band aid birdie, though unlike Hal, it makes me wish someone else would get sick so I could send it to them.
J.D. King August 23, 2007
Great stuff, RAGman! But, er, "limit" to five? Sounds too close to "full palette" to me! :)
Leo Espinosa August 23, 2007
Silk screen... hmmm yummmy! Love the Bird. Colors, drawing, everything, Ricardo.
Linzie August 23, 2007
Wow, screen-printed cards! Nice Designs Rag. Wish I could see them in the flesh, and indeed smell them!
Tim O\'Brien August 23, 2007
Cool pieces Richard. I like the pot of gold one a lot!
Mark Fisher August 23, 2007
Rich, Nice, the colors are great! Get Rich Soon!
Scott Bakal August 23, 2007
Hey! Neat! I am particularly fond of the cat sleeping on the dog's snout on the other page stuff!
Jim Paillot August 23, 2007
Wonderful! Big and bold. Less color suits these cards. I love that bird and type composition. I hope the bird doesn't need a "bone-sparrow" transplant.
Nancy Stahl August 23, 2007
They're all great. But you can't beat "Thanks for saving my ass." as a greeting...! So very RAG-o-licious..!
Robert Saunders August 24, 2007
You got everything working in the band-aid birdie, Rich. I like the way all the elements relate to each other.
Larry Ross August 24, 2007
These are very attractive and entertaining! You're doing a great job for a classy client, RAG! I didn't even know I was sick but I just got well. Thanks!