Sketchbook Drawing
posted: May 7, 2007
Car Guy...
I doodled this sketch while on the phone the other day. I drew it with my favorite everyday pen, a Pilot G-2 (05 point). The ergonomics and rolling ball of this pen are excellent. The ink is jet black. I thought I would try a color or two in photoshop and here you have it.
daveB May 7, 2007
that house must get all 13 channels with that antenna! love the clouds RaG!
Rob Dunlavey May 7, 2007
More. s'il vous plâit!
Nancy Stahl May 7, 2007
Love the rounded shapes and sort of mosaic tile fit to everything. Do your next NYer cover like this..!!
Alex Murawski May 7, 2007
Hey... neat... don't stop now!
Adam McCauley May 7, 2007
That's a groovy little doodle, RAG. Very mosaic like, a tile counter insert perhaps. Thanks also for the tip on the ballpoint pen. I love ballpoints and have been driven mad by my own favorite, the super basic Papermate. I love how it draws, but it's roller gets stuck while over-drawing pencil and it drives me nuts. I'll check out the Pilot G-2.
Carl Wiens May 7, 2007
Hey Rich, I really like this one. Nice playful feel!
Jim Paillot May 7, 2007
This playful, mosaic look looks suits you. Love the loosey goosey look to this.
Robert Saunders May 7, 2007
Adam said it for me: what a groovy little doodle. Hey, I hear a song coming on... Maybe the secret is: talking on the phone during all your jobs.
Mark Fisher May 8, 2007
Rich, nice use of negative space. I think you're on to something.