Mother's Day Idea
posted: April 21, 2006
Momma's Day...
I am determined to crack the "New Yorker Cover Code". I may have to drug Barry Blitt and keep him captive in my basement until he reveals the secrets or until he cleans the fucking mess down there. But I digress...
Steve Wacksman April 21, 2006
I fuckin' dig that one! I'm all about baby birds. so you had me from the get go, but seriously! Have you submitted this yet, or is it awaiting judgement? Blitt's baseball cover this week WAS pretty funny. If he's half the basement-cleaner that he is inksmith you're in for a real treat.
Robert Saunders April 22, 2006
Keep hammering away, Rich. Opportunity is the intersection of talent, hard work, and luck.