posted: May 1, 2007

SURTEX is a great way to do business. The art of doing business at this trade show is interesting on many levels. The intensity of the show is invigorating for artists who are used to spending long solitary days, doing their marketing by remote. One can feel the kinetic energy of commerce in the aisles. Preparing for the show has its own intensity (and a little stress to get you motivated!).  The booth is a 10x10x8 blank white space to be designed and filled with your work. The intensity continues on set up day where the trick is to design your booth for ease of assembly and to get out of the Javits Center so you can enjoy a NY day and night before the show. The show itself is three days of feedback about your work: the art buying attendees are not going to stop and chat at your booth if they do not see something that interests them, and conversely if they do stop, they are qualified leads; the comments I get are invaluable and help me to learn how I can create better images and better images that sell; and there are the other artists in the show who are a great bunch of folks and after five years in the show, I have developed many new friendships.

 This year I am recycling two of the three walls from last year. The new panel this year is my ‘holiday wall’ which based on comments from last year, most needed to be redesigned. The other panels will have many new images pasted right over the old drawings.

Zina Saunders May 1, 2007
Wow! This looks great! I want to go and see it in person! I love the color schemes you chose for each wall..they really enhance the art. And I also love the frame shape device that changes from wall to wall. the textures, teh decorative elements, the composition: all in all, a great look.
Robert Saunders May 1, 2007
Beautiful, Rich. Holiday wall looks good.
Cathleen Toelke May 1, 2007
Way to go, Rich! It's been so interesting seeing your work evolve for merchandise, and good luck at this year's Surtex. There are many new wonderful images. Love the wit of the Menorah reindeer, penguin warming polar bear, Got Sick?, and many others.
Alan Witschonke May 1, 2007
Great stuff, as usual man. Living in the Boston area, we all know that the annual prayer "this might be the year" has been co-opted by the Red Sox but I really think this might be the year that YOU hit it big. And it took you a lot less than 86 years!
Jim Paillot May 1, 2007
Rich, the holiday wall is a winner. Love the monkey. This is the first I have heard of Surtex. I'd love to hear how it works out for you this year.
Scott Bakal May 1, 2007
See you there, man...
laura l May 1, 2007
These are great! Thanks so much for filling me in on SURTEX from our previous discussions....and knock 'em dead!
laura tallardy May 1, 2007
good luck richard!! i made it out last year and it was just totally overwhelming. i've got a trip planned right over the show or else i'd come see your booth :) but best wishes for big deals!
Mike Moran May 1, 2007
Show um what you got RAG. Great panels and good luck!
Christoph Hitz May 1, 2007
Rag, I try to make it on Monday 10:10 at booth 2323.
Walter Vasconcelos May 1, 2007
Muito legal Richard, beautiful colors!
John Dykes May 1, 2007
So it's that time of year! Looks great, Richard... It is cool to see the progress you have made. I sense something big...
Dale Stephanos May 1, 2007
Nice work, rag. I hope it works out to big cash for you.
Mark Fisher May 1, 2007
Rich, the hardest working guy I know, good luck and those little bee creatures are swell.
Cathie Bleck May 2, 2007
Wonderful! Keep us posted. It is really interesting to see how you developed this. Good luck and best wishes!
rag May 2, 2007
Thanks all. Come on down to SURTEX, on May 20-22 at the Jacob Javits Center. Register on-line for a free ticket.
Hal Mayforth May 2, 2007
Good luck this year pal o' mine. I'll be sending out invisible positive karmic emissions in your direction. Let me know when the globe-eyed bird with the olive branch is available on a tee shirt. I want one. H.
daveB May 2, 2007
good luck RAG! I hope those monkey salesmen earn their bananas!! (the santa-monkey rocks!)
Carl Wiens May 3, 2007
Rich, looks like a great lineup. Good luck!