No UFOs, night sky, or alcohol. Just Spring.
posted: April 12, 2007
Another Beginning...
Spring in the northeast is barely making a comeback. The few crocuses that popped their heads up are getting really pissed off. Speaking of crocuses, they inspired this sketchbook drawing.
David Bamundo April 12, 2007
love the new banner image and love these Dale might remember and love Krokus from the 80s
Tim O'Brien April 12, 2007
Happy Spring...where's my winter coat?
Dale Stephanos April 12, 2007
Rag, love the banner. And the Krokus drawing. Dave, of course I remember Krokus. Back in the 80's, in my cover band days the 2 Krokus songs we played were favorites in the Hell's Angels bars. Tim, they're talking about the possibility of canceling the marathon on Monday because of the storm that's on it's way. Hey, wait a minute. This isn't my page! This isn't even my post! Sorry rag. Great drawing.
Zina Saunders April 12, 2007
I'll chime in with the gang: love your new banner and your crocus art!
rag April 12, 2007
Dale: No prob, bro. Having been in a coma for twenty years, these blogs are a great way to catch up on what was and is. Krokus huh? Tell me more.
J.D. King April 12, 2007
Spring ain't springin' here! Snow, sleet, shoveling... Thanks for the little reminders of what that season was like!
Scott Bakal April 12, 2007
Happy Spring, my man! going to be Surtex bound?
David Goldin April 12, 2007
It's a snowday here. Nothing but white... what a hit below the belt. I'm SO ready for spring. Love the drawing.
Carl Wiens April 12, 2007
Thanks, Rich, for giving me hope... in this season of ...despair.... Nice piece. I'm more than ready to say hello to spring (the real thing) myself!
Mark Fisher April 12, 2007
Rich, the hand as flower is nice!
Alan Witschonke April 13, 2007
The bee has it right. It's just about time to ditch the city and head to the Cape. But wait. There's a snowstorm coming on Monday! No snow all Winter and now we're getting hit in April. Go figure. Great work, Rich.
Monica M April 19, 2007
oops! test