Nuisance Alarms
posted: March 12, 2007
An AD I work for asked me if I could come up with a drawing for an extra spread he had. I asked if he had a layout yet and he said he would design around my sketch. I thought this would be a good opportunity to design the drawing and the spread together and throw in a headline to unify the whole thing. I did the layout in InDesign which wraps type very nicely and pleasantly surprised my client when I showed him my layout. He threw in an extra few hundred clams for my effort. It was fun.
Nancy March 12, 2007
Great job..! There isn't enough play between layouts and illustration these days, which is silly since it's much easier now.
Dale Stephanos March 12, 2007
Looks great! I'm glad they gave you some extra money. I wonder if in the future we'll be expected to include page design with our work. You know, because it's easy. If someone told you 15 years ago that you'd be expected to shoot, scan, digitally correct and deliver the job after you completed it for no extra charge, would you have believed them? Me neither.
Edel Rodriguez March 12, 2007
RAG, Did the body text on this layout go to print as it is displayed on here? I have some tips for next time.
rag March 12, 2007
Dale: I like having the power of the design tool. It is my responsibility to know how to use it. It looks easy on the surface but as we know good design takes much skill. Edel: The type is totally comp stuff and was just for show. I am interested to know what your tip was.
Edel Rodriguez March 12, 2007
Rag, I thought this was real type, so the word dashed in the middle of the paragraph, above the smoke, stood out. One thing I would not do is jump the body text across an image, like it is over on the left of the spread, by the yellow siren sounds. The lonely block of body text on the bottom left is also a problem. I would not have someone go down there to read a little and then jump back up. These are geeky design things I notice, that's all, maybe it gives you some more info.
daveB March 12, 2007
nice illo rAg! and Edel, I second that emoticon re: the text wrapping - hey all y'all! - leave that to the professionals! (wink - ed. note - insert ironic emoticon here tK)
Edel Rodriguez March 12, 2007
daveB, you crack me up! Yeah, leave it to the professionals! You guys want art directors doing illos? Oh wait, they do!
Rob Dunlavey March 13, 2007
Rich, I like those big textures you're using. Fun layout. I presume this was for Dave Yount at NFPA. He's a very good designer (and a fantastic art director). Nice collaboration.
Zina Saunders March 13, 2007
Super concept, illo and page design. You are truly a Full Service iller!
rag March 13, 2007
Thanks all. I will only wrap type now under Doctor's supervision.