Making Sales (mis)Management Fun
posted: March 5, 2007
One of our jobs as illustrators is to keep everyday concepts fresh and interesting. Nowhere is this skill needed more than in business publications. How many ways can you conceptualize and draw Profit and Loss; Buy Low Sell High; Financial Goals? Fortunately for us, infinitely many.
This drawing is for 'The Hazards of Sales Mismanagement' for Profit Magazine.
Federico Jordan March 5, 2007
Richard. It is true and it is a great theme to write about it. I was just talking last week with Joan Costa about this subject: the fascination in the image of illustration.
J.D. King March 5, 2007
The RAGman striketh! Again and again and again!
A.Richard Allen March 5, 2007
V novel solution. Hate to say it (as I hate it when people say it to me:) beautiful as the finished version is, the rough- for me- has much more vitality
Zina Saunders March 5, 2007
So many cool ideas; how do you come up with this stuff? And great finish, too: I love the way the band melds into one, and the maestro's Beatle boots!
Steve Wacksman March 5, 2007
Rag, I love that tuba and the way you depicted the band as one. Very cool - proves you're the man for the job when it comes to making boring editorial content come alive.
Rob Dunlavey March 5, 2007
Fantastic concepts Rich. Business publications need all the help they can get. Illustration for these things walks that fine line between a clip art commodity and unique conceptual gems. You keep the genre fresh.
rag March 5, 2007
Thanks all for your comments. A.Richard Allen ( I am Richard Allen also) brings up a good point when it comes to finals: capturing the spontaneity of the sketch into the final. I believe the difference in award winning illustration and very good, is the "performance" that you bring into the final on any particular day. I try to capture the spirit of the sketch by redrawing the final fresh; no tracing allowed. On the days when I am less successful at this, maybe I have not been practicing enough. Note to self: keep those fingers moving!
Christoph Hitz March 5, 2007
I love the raw line in Your sketches and Your final for the tripple headed tuba players. I'm a big fan of ideas, that notion makes me a rag fan.
randy March 5, 2007
Nice job Richard. I particularly like your black and white sketches...especially the top one.
J.S.Dykes March 5, 2007
Another strong one, Mr. RAG! Nice feel on the final.... Digital and traditional mix??
Larry Ross March 5, 2007
Cool finished piece. I love that top sketch!
Mark Fisher March 6, 2007
RAG, The people in the sketches are so much fun. The guy with target in A and the guy holding the bow. The guy in C praying.
Michael Sloan March 6, 2007
Hey Rich - I like the final art, but I like the sketches more, particularly A and B. There's a soulfulness and some dirt there which I really dig.
Robert Saunders March 7, 2007
Rich, your sketches have always rocked. I like this final too.