Coming Events
posted: February 8, 2007
Hey, Valentine's Day is coming. Hey, Spring training is coming...
Carl Wiens February 8, 2007
Holy Cow! Look at the jump on those hearts, out of the park... are they juiced? Nice piece Rich, crazy good texture.
Dale Stephanos February 8, 2007
I love (sorry) this idea. Is this another NYer cover hopeful?
daveB February 8, 2007
nice asses and illustration
Robert Saunders February 8, 2007
I think those buns are padded, Dave. But anyhoo, yeah, great idea, Ree-shard. You're a one-man concept generator. How DO you do it?
Nancy February 8, 2007
*Smack..!* *Smack..!* I can hear the bat making contact with the ball. This gives me hope. Will spring actually be here soon? Love the drawing and the texture is great. It really suits your style. Their butts aren't big, it's their wallets in the back pockets.
Peter Hermann February 8, 2007
super drawing Richard and brilliant idea. it should sell millions as a greeting card, finally a valentines card men actually will like.
Zina Saunders February 8, 2007
You're a genius! How do you come up with such great ideas? And then make such great pictures out of them!
J.S.Dykes February 8, 2007
Nice painting, Richard... cool look to this one!
Larry Ross February 8, 2007
Rag, I always enjoy your ideas and drawings, and you are the MASTER of texture. I love baseball. How bad can life be with spring trainig right around the corner? Larry