New Yorker or Bust
posted: February 1, 2007
Why do I continue to bang my head against this goal of getting on the cover of the New Yorker? Let me see: 1. It a GOAL. I can't quit. I can't say to myself that I don't have a chance. Failure to me is not an option. I believe you can always improve and if not work harder, work smarter. 2. Its one of the few places where you can say the EXPOSURE counts for something. How many of us were lured into a job baited by the ‘its great exposure’ line? My usual response is, “I can pull my pants down for all the exposure I want.’. Except for the New Yorker. 3. It would make my mom very happy. Dad too.
David Flaherty February 1, 2007
I think I'd like it better without the type Rag.
Jon Berkeley February 1, 2007
Richard- Is that you being dogged? Good luck with your campaign. I've found that being a thorn in the side is often the quickest way into a prestige job - as long as you keep the thorn sharp. Nice gag. The drool really makes it.
Steve Wacksman February 1, 2007
It's funny as hell - if Flaherty meant he'd like it better hand-lettered, than I agree. I think the fonts kinda float and don't integrate with the artwork so well. If he meant he'd like it better blank, well...than he doesn't get the joke. But Flaherty can't help it- he's a cat person.
Zina Saunders February 1, 2007
I love it! Funny and beautiful! Agree with Wacksman about the type.
Jon Berkeley February 1, 2007
An inverted outside bevel on the type layer might be enough to settle it in?
rag February 1, 2007
You folks are right about the type. I eliminated the "Property of...' and it looks better. I will hand letter the title of the book. Thanks for the observations.
Christoph Hitz February 1, 2007
Hi Rag, Your persistence is an inspiration.
Scott Bakal February 1, 2007
I think we should all start a letter writing campaign to get Rich in there. He's certainly worked hard enough for it...throw him a friggin' bone! Nice job, man and good luck!
Leo Espinosa February 1, 2007
Monsier Rag: You know that our little Speakeasy magazine would always publish your work. Jacques La Même Chose L'éditour The New Yorican
Nancy Stahl February 1, 2007
I spit out my oatmeal laughing..! Guess that's not enough to impress your Mom.
Robert Saunders February 1, 2007
Rich, for what it's worth I like your cover. Also, I note that the problem may lie in your methodology. You said you continue to bang your head against your goal. Well heck, man, all that's going to give you is a headache. You've got to repeatedly rest your head on the goal—that and only that will eventually fuse you and the goal together as one. Oh, and start praying, as you do when looking for a parking space, only face in the direction of New York, and do it five times a day. Call me in the morning.
rag February 1, 2007
Scott: As I said, I have to work smarter, not harder. Leo: Your check is in the mail. Nancy: Ever try to mix wheatena with oatmeal? Yummm. Rob: Metaphysics works fine for the material things, with Art, we gotta do the work!
Stephen Kroninger February 1, 2007
The December 1983 issue of National Lampoon has a great piece by Ron Hauge depicting 52 mock rejected New Yorker covers. Take heart, Ron never did get to do a New Yorker cover but he's been a writer on The Simpsons for most of its run. Won an Emmy too. He's also been a writer on Seinfeld and Ren & Stimpy.
J.D. King February 1, 2007
I love this cover, and the others! They must be a buncha squares up there! Or maybe they're sadists who have singled you out for torture?!? You getting the rejection slip? That don't make no sense!
Jim Paillot February 1, 2007
Funny idea! Wax is right about the type. Love that big, black dog.
Carl Wiens February 1, 2007
Hey Rich-- love it! Hang in there, I'll be rootin' fer ya.
Peter Cusack February 1, 2007
Im pulling for ya!!! Nice peice.
Larry Ross February 1, 2007
I love the image and the idea is hilarious! Maybe I'm the only one who thinks the book looks like a telephone book as in "Bell" telephone? To clear that possible confusion up maybe you could make it have more of a hardcover book spine. I love the texture, too!
David Goldin February 1, 2007
Mmmmmm....wheatena with oatmeal. I hear ya!
rag February 1, 2007
Everybody's opinions and kind words are deeply appreciated by the management. Kick ass oatmeal to start off every day: 1/3 cup wheatena 1/2 cup traditional oats (no instant crapola) 1 and 3/4 cup of water. 1/3 cup of dried berries (raisons or blueberrys or whatever) Vanilla soy milk. Now hear's where oatmeal tastes differ and I am in a distinct minority: 1/3 tsp. of salt If the salt discusts you then use honey or maple syrup Add salt to water in a sauce pan. Add wheatena, stir and begin to boil. At boil add oatmeal and berries. stir and turn down heat to simmer when water reboils. Stir frequently to prevent bottom burn. Cook to mushy consistancy, and pour into cereal bowl, add milk and sweeten (or salt) to taste. Keep you more regular than a Swiss train.
Nancy Stahl February 1, 2007
I'm going to give it a try. Only, have you ever tried Almond Breeze? It's Blue Diamond brand of a milk substitute made with almonds. I really prefer it to soy milk, but only that brand. Forget Pacific. For me, it's either salt, pepper and (on the rare occassions that I have it in the house) butter. Or go the raisins and cinnamon route.
Matcho February 2, 2007
HEY RAG- Nice piece, great idea, needs some hand-drawn type to better integrate with the rest of the drawing. Good luck with yer quest; hope it works out for ya-
Mark S Fisher February 2, 2007
RAG, replace the dog with a cat and make it a magazine and make the cat happy and leave the type, that should work. Seriously if it helps tell them that I will take out a subscription when they print a cover of yours. Never give up!
A.Richard Allen February 6, 2007
Yip (arf), nice dawg. Compositionally, texturally and character-wise it all sits (and stays) nicely. Gagwise it's a bit heavy on the wordage (I know the title and 'property of' bits set up the gag but they seem to pull in different directions). Also on a realism tip (difficult to talk about when addressing the subject of a spectacle-wearing, reading dog) do books have a 'property of stamp on the spine? Btw, what's the drill with submitting a cover? Do you email it to Mme.M or send in a print out? Would love to notch me up a NYer cover, keeping company with all my old faves (Steinberg, Steig, Irvin, Saxon, Kovarsky, Arno) Off to get me a bowl of your delicious oatmeal. I really think you should post a kibble-based breakfast recipe for topicality's sake too