...and illoz for all.
posted: January 3, 2007
J.D. King January 3, 2007
Oh, sure! Just let anybody into Illoz! Huddled masses of illustraors! Open th' freakin' floodgates!
David Goldin January 3, 2007
I was gonna say that J.D. Now I'll have to say sumpin like... Why's that crazy bitch tryin to burn up illoz with a torch?
rag January 3, 2007
Fellas, fellas, you got it all wrong; illoz is the promised land for Art Directors. A land where Art Directors are free to unleash there wildest projects and ideas!
Robert Saunders January 3, 2007
It's a's a plane...No! It's that UFO that was spotted in the sky over the weekend, and it's coming to get us! It's full of illustrators from another paradigm! RUN!!!
John Dykes January 3, 2007
I swear... I just saw her wink at me. I hope she moonlights as an art director...