Merry Chanukah
posted: December 15, 2006
Mixed religion households present a unique challange for greeting cards at this time of year.
Leo Espinosa December 15, 2006
That's the card we've been waiting for! Rabi Clausberg, that's too much, he, he!
Robert Saunders December 15, 2006
I got a mixed-religion household in the family, though neither my sister nor brother-in-law is observant of anything. So around this time of year I'm always confused what to send them or when—Sis has always told me it really doesn't matter if I send anything...she's hard to nail down. I go with the most inclusive: a card of, say, people skating at Rockefeller Center, with the greeting, "Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah" thinking: deep down inside, people really want their childhood customs acknowledged, and get absolutely nothing from the insipid, "Happy Holidays." One year I went around wishing people a Merry Christmaquanzakkah. Then I substituted Festivus, being the simpler solution.
J.D. King December 15, 2006
I love it!
Christoph Hitz December 15, 2006
Hi Rag, This one cracked me up! Love the tail lights on the high fin sled. Great design.
randy December 15, 2006
What a fertile mind you have.....GREAT!!!
David Goldin December 15, 2006
Chanumass. It's all a bunch of hooha. Festivus is for me. I like the "Airing of Grievances" in which each person tells each and everyone else all the ways they've disappointed him/her over the past year. Love the sled. Antler Menorah-great idea.