Peace Visualization
posted: December 12, 2006
PEACE V.1...
One of the most important finds in Boston is a parking space. I picture in my mind's eye an empty space before I make a trip. I don't remember when I started this silly little gesture but I do know that I almost always find a spot where and when I need one. I always like to impress my freinds with this wierd ability. I once found a space in front of the old Boston Garden ten minutes before game time! I now have my wife doing it and one busy friday night in congested Harvard Square, we came upon TWO spaces, right next to each other. Well annyway, Hal Mayforth was with me one day and we were going into Harvard Square. I told him exactly where we were going to park and sure enough, there it was. He turned to me and said, "You should visualize world peace!" Which I do everytime I look for a parking space.
PEACE V.2...
Leo Espinosa December 12, 2006
World peace is way easier to find than a spot in Harvard Square. You are a talented, talented fella! Nice birdy!
Zina Saunders December 12, 2006
Since I don't know how to drive, I'm able to use all my visualization powers for World Peace. Apparently my powers aren't very powerful... Cool bird! Particularly love the way you did his wings. And so nice to see a World Peace bird that isn't white.
Zina Saunders December 12, 2006
And his forehead/profile is really great, too!
John Dykes December 12, 2006
Richard, Ya wanna know what I think??? I hope so... I LOVE this piece. This should be put on a billboard. Bold, simple, interesting, strong! Also....perfect for a postage stamp.... THATS what I think.
J.D. King December 12, 2006
A stamp, for sure! And a poster!
jeff moores December 13, 2006
Whenever I need a parking space, I flip on the Grateful Dead's drum solo "space" and more likely than not, I end up getting lost....
jeff moores December 13, 2006
This is a really nice piece! One of my favorites that you've posted lately! Less is more.
Randall Enos December 13, 2006
Loverly boid Richard. Now I understand my problem. Everytime I venture forth to visit my son in New York, I visualize the front of his building crowded with cars and sure enough when I get there....that's the way it is.
Hal Mayforth December 13, 2006
Great card idea Rich.I love the textures. I remember that occasion, but I don't recall being so altruistic. Are you sure I didn't say like, "How about visualizing me up some huge advertising job"? H