Old Drawing Still Relevant
posted: December 7, 2006
A drawing I did in the eighties observing contrasting types of shopping and shoppers. The concept still makes sense unfortunately.
Bob Staake December 7, 2006
terrific concept, ricardo. sadly, just as relevant in the bush2 admin as it was in reagan's.
Robert Saunders December 7, 2006
That guy in the bottom one is my kinda guy, Rich. I had lunch with 'im today over at the mission. The heating vent he sleeps on is kinda comfy though, I have to admit.
John Dykes December 7, 2006
Nice watercolor Richard... It has such a nice touch - velvety feel of the paper comes thru.... I bet she's got some cans of her own in that big box...
rag December 7, 2006
Yes John, she has nice cans.
Adam McCauley December 7, 2006
Looks like a typical San Francisco scene! Nice one, Richard.
Leo Espinosa December 8, 2006
That same scene will be seen for many years, amigos. It's not the administration but the system. I like the face of that guy and his scarf. You might wanna update him a bit for a good comic strip, Ricardo.
Hal Mayforth December 8, 2006
Unfortuantely, you'll probably be able to haul this one out anually to the same effect. It's dead on. I get cold looking at that guy's foot. H.