Holiday Card Time
posted: November 30, 2006
The 2007 Holiday season is upon us. Time to search for new images to replace old cliches. Rather challenging and fun. This image is last years holiday greeting from my wife and me. Of course, any and all messages of peace, love, etc. will be commercially exploited by the mad marketers at 100% rag.
Zina Saunders November 30, 2006
As always, I love it. Peace and love: bring it on!
J.D. King November 30, 2006
Beautiful RAGman! I love it, and so do my cats! I guess you sold your rights to orange to Adam for his latest post?
John Dykes November 30, 2006
Nice one Richard... Any thoughts on exact copy?? How about: Wishing you fine holiday greetings and call my good buddy john D. with lots of assignments and also wishing you happiness forever. (You may cut & paste as is).
David Goldin November 30, 2006
Beautiful cat! Geat idea. It's already 60 degrees out and supposed to get close to 70. Not feeling like X-mass yet.
Zina Saunders November 30, 2006
Whoa! New header! I like!
jeff moores November 30, 2006
nice purple bg and cool cat!
Christoph Hitz November 30, 2006
Rag, Thanks for reminding me. The X-mas Card is the only project that I procrastinate until the last minute. I guess it's my inner child revolts against the preseason christmas songs playing everywhere. Love the cat and the unusual eye color choice.
Bob Staake November 30, 2006
this is why we love you, ricardo: being true to your style, making your statement, always ambitious. this stuff is never unnoticed by me. love you, little buddy!
Steve Wacksman November 30, 2006
Nice one. Love the new header,too. I've never done a Christmas card, but I'm a soldier in the 'War On Christmas". Fire in the hole!!