The Scream
posted: November 20, 2006
Photoshop makes complicated compositions a walk in the pixel park. I only hope Adobe stops 'improving' and upgrading it to ruination.
Bob Staake November 20, 2006
I hear Adobe finally came out with Photoshop 4.0. Can't wait to try it!
John S. Dykes November 20, 2006
Nice one Richard!
David Goldin November 20, 2006
OUCH! That hurts my ears it's so loud. Great image-Looks like me when I'm driving.
Not Allowed November 20, 2006
GREAT family holiday theme. nA
Leo Espinosa November 20, 2006
I see that "Not allowed" dropped you a note too. I'm getting really curious. I like this piece Ricardito. but I think it doesn't need any type. Empty black balloon at the bottom, blank space in the middle. What do you think?
Robert Saunders November 20, 2006
I'm going to pile on with Leo Rich. Dump the "'Scream"...not needed. Your drawing sez plenty without. Otherwise, a fabulously "loud" illustration.
rag November 20, 2006
Leo I was thinking that I may not need the word, "scream" and when you brought that point up, it was a no-brainer, good-as-gone decision. Thanks!
Tim O'Brien November 21, 2006
Nice. I've only seen Cassius like that once. 3 Years old. I looked at Elizabeth is disbelief. That was an awful afternoon. It passed. PHew. Nice illo Rags!