Halloween Bowl
posted: November 13, 2006
I work with a great guy who is a ceramic manufacturer in the tabletop market. It is cool to get feedback from his customers who are major retailers. Through this feedback I get solid intel that helps me to develop new work. Once the retailers buy something, the next hurdle is the buying public. This halloween bowl just sold to Marmaxx, who own Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores.
Jeff Moores November 13, 2006
RAG- Nice bowl! I could see people filling these bowls with candy to pass out Halloween night! Is this the same tableware guy you've been dealing with? Good luck!
rag November 13, 2006
Jeff: Been dealing with a couple of plate guys. Making progress, of course too slow but progress none-the-less.
Mike Moran November 13, 2006
Boy, you got this black and orange thing down! Really nice work as always.
Christoph Hitz November 13, 2006
Hi Rag, Was Your bowl out for this this Halloween season? I love the edge on the bowl. I can't wait to see a photo of the final. It's great to see ones art on something different than paper isn't it?
Bob Staake November 13, 2006
that's nice, rag. tabletop and utilitarian (especially novelty) items work wonderfully with decidedly decorative and repeat patterns. manufacturers love a well-designed repeat since there are less bleed/safety issues. i could see a nice bowl like this utilizing an old m.c. escher styling of orange bats on the left morphing into black bats on the right.
Jeff Moores November 13, 2006
bs- watch what you're saying about bats-- another post got pretty "hot" when someone spoke about "shooting bats." :^) Rag- stay the course, looking good!
Mark Fisher November 14, 2006
I particularly like the web dental band along the rim. congrags rags.
J.D. King November 14, 2006
In the hangs of the RAGman, black and orange remain ever fresh. He owns them.
Hal Mayforth November 14, 2006
Rich, Lemme know when these are available. I want one. H.
Leo November 14, 2006
Oh man, I wish I could hold that bowl to get the full effect! Are they printing the orange with the texture or were you mimicking the actual surface of the bowl for these illustrations?
rag November 14, 2006
The texture is mine. I am hoping they get it right. I can't wait to get one and fill it up with M&Ms and see the peeking begin as the candy lowers and the calories rise.
Robert Saunders November 14, 2006
Cool, RAG...shades of Grecian urns.
laura November 14, 2006
:O i think my amazingly cute circuits have blown for the day... and it's not even noon.