Fall Migration
posted: November 8, 2006
How birds migrate is still a mystery. Do they navigate thousands of miles by orienting themselves by the sun and stars? Do they detect and follow the longitudinal lines of earth's magnetic fields? Or do they google Mapquest?
Robert Saunders November 8, 2006
At last, a blog containing some sincerity on this site. Like the new header, Rich. In answer to your question how do birds migrate? It's by means of a military formation known as a phalanx, wherein the lead, or "alpha" bird chirps out a code, and the "omega" birds argue among themselves what it means, roughly resembling the pattern that tourists to New York display when walking around trying to find a good restaurant.
Nancy Stahl November 8, 2006
And how about monarch butterflies..? Those delicate little wings flapping away all the way to Mexico..! And they don't even have a bird brain.
Linzie Hunter November 8, 2006
Love the new look - great banner at the top :D Don't birds just leave a trail of breadcrumbs to follow?
fisher November 10, 2006
Things in the sky are stationary, the revolving of the planet makes it appear as if they are moving. I thought you knew that .
J.D. King November 10, 2006
Real nice drawing! And look, Ma: five for the work of one! And you did it, RAG, w/o relying ont he crutch of orange and black! Branching out to black and yellow! Onwards!