Thanksgiving at the New Yorker...
posted: November 1, 2006
Holiday Traffic...
...won't include this one!
Holiday Traffic...
Or this.
Peter Hermann November 1, 2006
I love the top one. a perfect fit for the New Yorker. beautiful and hillarious at the same time.
Nanciful November 1, 2006
Oh, oh... If I just add a few airplanes to this, I have my solution to a job for the Times. Tempting. ragTime.... the latest brand of watches. It's based on New Yorker weekly deadlines rather than a 24-hr clock.
Christoph Hitz November 1, 2006
Another 100% Rag. I keep my fingers crossed ...
Linzie Hunter November 1, 2006
I like the god in the first and the turkeys in second, so if you could come up with a third version combining the two that would be just swell. cheers! :D
Robert Saunders November 1, 2006
Rich, I'm a little slow this morning. The point was not clear to me in these, like it is usually in your work. Great start, though, IMHO, and I love the guy waiting for the turkey-traffic jam to clear as he ascends into heaven. The turkeys crossing downwards at first seemed to be going to Hell, but they have halos, so I realize it's a graphic depiction, not an up-down thing.
rag November 1, 2006
Rob: FM probably didnt get it either. That's why these turkeys were axed!
J.D. King November 1, 2006
Keep tryin', kid! We're rootin' for the RAGman! Linz, you've got the makings of a sadistic (re: successful) editor!