Halloween Clean-up
posted: October 31, 2006
This Halloween will soon be gone With blood and guts across the lawn. Its time to grab the poisoned darts And rake up all the body parts. Then to shovel dark gloomy pits And throw in all the monster bits. Scrape and clean gooey stuff that clings And bag them with the ugly things. And now to rest and take a snooze To await the horrors of tomorrow’s news.
Rob Dunlavey October 31, 2006
Rich, did you read about that guy in Mattapan or Roxbury that was killed and butchered by his deranged son. Body parts in trash bags in the lawn. Happy Halloween! Cute poem!
Leo Espinosa October 31, 2006
Spooky. I'm not knocking on your door, no way! Leave the candy outside, please. L
Scott Bakal October 31, 2006
Did you send this one to the New Yorker? Nice piece, Rich. Great texture in this one.
rag October 31, 2006
Not a New Yorker piece. It is a Great Arrow greeting card.
Larry Ross October 31, 2006
Fun! In a spooky kinda way! Happy Halloween!
Robert Saunders October 31, 2006
Rich, do I detect real pencil marks? That is SO cool.
Donald Kilpatrick October 31, 2006
Very nice!
Jim Paillot October 31, 2006
Wow! Now that is Halloweeny! Really cool art, Richard.
randy enos October 31, 2006
Excellent job my friend. You can give up the mouth harp and go into art full time now.
rag October 31, 2006
Rob: Run out to Pearls and get the Faber-Castell graphite pencils. They are like buttah. Randy: Are you saying I SHOULD give up the harp? ;)
James Steinberg October 31, 2006
I dig it Rich. I love the simplified pallette and the way the graphite texture plays against the white skulls. And who knew you were a poet?
Mike Moran October 31, 2006
My front door bell is ringing like crazy already. What a perfect illustration for Halloween!
Bob Staake October 31, 2006
best piece i've seen you post yet, rag. love this 3-color shit (poem need to follow the line-for-line cadence, though) wordsmithing, baby -- it's king!