Season of the Witch
posted: October 26, 2006
Instant Spell, for today's busy Soccer Witch. Don't have time to shop for a newt"s eye? Are your spiders from Mars hibernating? Monsters on vacation? Instant Spell is the solution for you! One flick of the wrist and your worst nightmares become someone elses! Operators are standing by.
Robert Saunders October 26, 2006
I almost hate to say it, but I think this is a viable New Yorker cover.
J.D. King October 26, 2006
What Rob said! Just add a New Yorker logo and *presto* an instant FM reject! :) Please to note the smiley face! That means I can say nasty stuff and you gotta laff! Just ask Rob! Kidding aside, it's a GREAT piece! Another RAG original!
David Goldin October 26, 2006
I'll take three boxes please. Love the art- I always buy products cause of cool packaging.
Hal Mayforth October 26, 2006
Do you make a microwavable version? H.
Flaherty October 26, 2006
I'm liking your more minimal pallet big time RAG. Great.
Christoph Hitz October 26, 2006
Hi Rag, Halloween in my old neighborhood in Manhattan usually reached a witch density of nearly 99%. Black dress, hat and little extra makeup and voila a viable New Yorker.
jeff moores October 26, 2006
Nice piece but why am I hearing an old Donovan song....?
Rob Dunlavey October 26, 2006
I like it! I love the orange and green. Not sure about the red color. I can hear the gurgling, bubblin…!
Zina Saunders October 27, 2006
Man, I LOVE this. Great arm/hat way of doing the arm and hat overlapping, and the box contents. Everything about this is just great.