Monkey Love
posted: October 20, 2006
Ooh Ooh I love U...
I haven't seen a monkey around here in a while, so here you go. I heard from one of my Greeting Card companies that this monkey is swinging off the shelf. Monkeys rule!
Linzie Hunter October 20, 2006
i think its definitely time for a monkey gallery!
Bob Staake October 20, 2006
i have six words for you: hot, sweaty monkey love -- jungle-style!
Zina Saunders October 20, 2006
One of the best monkeys I've ever seen! Love the composition and texture and the quality of your line.
David Goldin October 20, 2006
Top notch primate. 40 bananas your way!
J.D. King October 20, 2006
I love that monkey!
rag October 20, 2006
The monkey loves all of you. He can never get enough of that slippery stuff. Look for him soon at your finer greeting card shops (Great Arrow Greeting Card Company).
Christoph Hitz October 20, 2006
Rag, Nice, Monkey with a heart on. I'm holding my monkeys in a secure location until the gallery goes up. Make it another 40 bananas!
James Steinberg October 20, 2006
Hey Rich-That's a Beaut. Striking simplicity.
Scott Bakal October 20, 2006
40 bananas and a case of platanos...
Leo Espinosa October 20, 2006
Love this romantic ape! You would not believe me if I tell you what I've been working on today. I'll e-mail it to you in a bit.
David Flaherty October 20, 2006
Nice simple image. Great for a card!
Robert Saunders October 20, 2006
Awright! Monkey love... This is your month, Rich...I smell it on the wind, like bananas.
Hal Mayforth October 20, 2006
Great monkey, Rich. I love the retro feel. H.
Jeff Moores October 20, 2006
Funky Monkey!! Dig the colors-- Was it a Valentine's card or just a general type card? J
Zina Saunders October 21, 2006
I keep coming back to look at this monkey close up. I just LOVE it.
Elwood H. Smith October 21, 2006
RAG- I had to stand on my head to properly view your monkey, but it was worth it. Yeah, sure, the blood flooded my brain and I fell over, hit the edge of my computer desk and broke my feet and arms. But damn it, once I'm out of the hospital, I'm going back to take in his sweet face again & again & again. -Monkey Addict