The New Yorker Autumn Rejects
posted: October 4, 2006
The Fall...
Honestly, I am going to take a break from submitting to Francoise; right after I submit an idea that I know she will accept! Then I am going to stop. Maybe. Bob, what did you eat for breakfast today?
The Fall (detail)...
Steve Wacksman October 4, 2006
THAT is funny. I mean, seriously! What gives? What's a guy gotta do? Dammit, RAG- I'm gonna continue to let my lapsed subscription stay lapsed until you crack that code and get the cover you deserve!
Donald Kilpatrick October 4, 2006
I second what Steve says. Something has got to give!! Great idea!
Robert Saunders October 4, 2006
I dunno what Bob ate, Rich, but I know Wade Boggs used to eat chicken before every game in hopes it would enable him to score. Consider going on an all-fowl diet, perhaps? (Stay away from acorns.) Poor lonely little acorn (snif)... Most of 'em don't fall far from the tree.
Jeff Moores October 4, 2006
I LOVE this!! Your limited palette is fantastic. Keep up the perseverance-- good things DO happen!! Damn, I'm getting itch to give it another try.
Bob Staake October 4, 2006
richard: raw meat, an ostrich egg and chocolate pudding. You know, the usual. Love the grayscale here! bs
David Gothard October 4, 2006
Nice RAG. I read this as a leaf without a home? (not an acorn). Reminds me of one of the great Sempe covers of a trail of colorful marathon bikers winding their way through a colorless city. Dunno why these are not flying, but they have'nt returned yet with "stop sending these" scrawled across the bottom. I suppose that's reason to feel optimistic. Don't give up the good fight. How do you present them? Disc, originals, good prints? Would it help to find out how Bob submits? Maybe it's in the presentation? Who knows? I don't, since I've never submitted. DG
rag October 4, 2006
David: Bob submits his covers on a platter of caviar surrounded by 10 C-notes with a note to Francoise: "This is for you honey. There's more where this comes from."
Zina Saunders October 4, 2006
Very witty, visually and conceptually! I love your treatment of the skyscrapers. Looks like it would be a classic cover to me.