Tree D
posted: November 16, 2011
I have been putting in some hours learning 3D mesh with the program Blender. Mesh is the architecture behind 3D computer graphics consisting of vertices, lines and faces. Blender is like Illustrator on steroids and man, does my brain hurt! I am making progress with the goal of turning 2D art into 3D art builds and I am excited to see the new 3D sunrise on the virtural horizon.

My first environment is the Chimporama Restaurant. Once you build the mesh elements then you texture them. Photoshop has great new tools to paint directly onto 3D objects....

Once the scene is in place, you get to play photographer. You light the scene and choose some interesting angles....

More to come...
fisher November 16, 2011
Monkey'n around I see! Looking kool Kong.
Hal Mayforth November 17, 2011
Very cool, Rich.
Leo Espinosa November 17, 2011
No wonder you've been so quiet. good for you exploring into new visual territories, Ricardo. That last scene is surreal. time to develop the ape-app and turn it into a game.
Christoph Hitz November 17, 2011
This looks like fun.
Alan Witschonke November 21, 2011
Glad you're doing SOMETHING in between Scrabble moves!
David Ross November 21, 2011
Would be curious to see what the original 2D art used for this looked like. 2D to 3D is a fascinating process.