New Yorker Rejects Pluto
posted: September 20, 2006
Too Small...
In honor of the astronomers who rejected Pluto as a planet, Francoise rejected my image as a cover.
Robert Saunders September 20, 2006
Rich, doing anything on Pluto these days is to court rejection. As I was playing some guitar with a sextegenarian therapist friend of mine a new song came to me, entitled "Pluto's Not A Planet Anymore." ( 2006 Robert Saunders. All rights reserved in perpetuity in media yet to be invented on earth or any heavenly body throughout the universe or in any conceivable dimensions as yet unheard of.) Well, actually just the title came to me. The song itself has yet to be determined. Great metaphor on your cover, though!
Scott Bakal September 20, 2006
Nice image, man!
Larry Ross September 20, 2006
Always love your New Yorker rejects. You my friend are not only talented but you have TENACITY!