posted: April 9, 2010
Jim Paillot inspired me to post my turtle in need of some tea and sympathy.
Nancy Stahl April 9, 2010
For all us AI rejects?? Ha, ha... Even though I didn't enter anything, I still feel rejected..!! Thanks for the sympathy.
Steve Wacksman April 9, 2010
Douglas Fraser April 9, 2010
I'm a fan of the graphic quality in this ! It's a beauty!.
Jim Paillot April 9, 2010
This guy is the poster turtle for having a rough day. I love the design. And his sad, sympathetic face.
Adam McCauley April 9, 2010
That is one dour turtle. Really nice Richard.
Alex Nabaum April 9, 2010
This is great! Love the composition and the perfect use of red for that stuffy nose.
Robert Saunders April 10, 2010
Nice one, Rich.