Tree D
posted: November 16, 2011
I have been putting in some hours learning 3D mesh with the program Blender. Mesh is the architecture behind 3D computer graphics consisting of vertices, lines and faces. Blender is like Illustrator on steroids and man, does my brain hurt! I am making progress with the goal of turning 2D art into 3D art builds and I am excited to see the new 3D sunrise on the virtural horizon.

My first environment is the Chimporama Restaurant. Once you build the mesh elements then you texture them. Photoshop has great new tools to paint directly onto 3D objects.

Once the scene is in place, you get to play photographer. You light the scene and choose some interesting angles.

More to come...
New Client
posted: November 15, 2011
An interesting guy in Vancouver called needing a drawing that he would then dissect and make a presentation to accompany a talk selling his services. With a few phone conferences and several rounds of collaboration, we came up with a drawing that I kept in PS layers so he could easily manipulate elements here and there. He told me he had a blast playing artist and that his sales talks went very well. Fun all around!

Monkeying Around
posted: March 18, 2011
Carly Hebert at Orange Coast Magazine needed a monkey drawing for a monkey related article. I monkeyed around and came up with these monkeys.
ABCs of AL
posted: March 3, 2010
My first children's book. Ok, so sue me, I am late to the party....
Birthday Card
posted: March 1, 2010
Birthday Art for the wife's celebration of one more year where she wishes she lived in tht tropics.
Birthday Art for the wife's celebration of one more year where she wishes she lived in the tropics.
Ask Magazine Cover
posted: February 23, 2010
sketch 1
Sketch 2
Sketch 3
Been the laziest of Drawger bloggers! Time to wake up and post. A cover I did for Ask Magazine.
Client Holiday Card
posted: February 22, 2010
The Olympics reminded me of a card I did for a client this past December. Hope everybody's year will soar.
Vacation with the Washington Post
posted: July 20, 2009
We all know the best way to guarantee new work is to plan a vacation. Sure enough the day before leaving I get a call from Lisa Schreiber at the Washington Post with a new assignment. The beauty about technology these days is that saying ‘Yes’ is much easier than it used to be. Along with my sketchbooks and favorite pens and pencils, I loaded my portable Epson CX84OO printer/scanner and laptop computer loaded with Photoshop and  wireless access. A couple of rounds of sketches later I produced this cover for the Weekend magazine: an article about DVD movie rentals. Gotta love vacations!
First Round
First Round
I received more info about the article that it was more house and home based movie viewing than summer viewing.
IPA/GAG Lawsuit Update
posted: April 28, 2009
As a reminder to the illustration community, the Graphic Artist Guild (GAG) is still persuing its lawsuit against fellow artists of the Illustrators Partnership of America (IPA). Dan Vasconcellos and I launched a petition asking GAG to stop this action. Many of you signed this petition (tyvm!) and the number of illustrators signing has topped at 699. There is still time to support our friends at the IPA and sign the petition. The illustrators being sued are spending vast amounts of money and time building their defenses. Your support would brighten their day.
To read and sign:
For further information about the status of the suit:
Click on 'Index Search'
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - Case Search'
enter Case Index Number: 109149/2008
click Find Case(s) button (or hit RETURN)
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - Case Search Results'
click on the highlighted 'Index Number'
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - Case Details'
scroll down and click on "Show eFiled Documents'
Window opens:
'WebCivil Supreme - eFiled Documents Detail'
click highlighted files under 'Documents' to view...
To receive updates on the Case sign up for eTrack at: